Wedded Wanderlust: Honeymoon Part 1

“Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking
outward together in the same direction.”
-Antoine de Saint-Exupery

After 8 years of friendship and 4 years of dating, I’ve finally become Mrs. Wright! Following the ceremony and celebration filled with family, friends, rainbow cake and heirloom tomatoes, Walker and I had set our sights towards the West Coast.

Choosing a honeymoon destination proved more difficult than planning a wedding – our sightseeing standards being quite high:
1. It must be a place neither of us has been before
2. It must be a photogenic excursion
3. Mountains are a must
4. Oceans are a bonus
5. And finally, the food must be phenomenal

We determined that Oregon was the dream destination, starting out in the sleepy beach town Cannon Beach which is tucked between colossal mountains and the crashing Pacific, and finishing the week in foodie paradise Portland.

Bonfires sparkled through the heavy fog as we pulled up to the Hallmark Inns & Resort, located directly on Cannon Beach. Our room overlooked Haystack Rock, and the adjacent rock formations known as “needles”, which rose up out of the Pacific Ocean nestled by fog and whitecaps. I recognized this geographic stunner from The Goonies, but standing witness to this 235 foot sea stack was astounding. Each night’s sunset ended with thick fog rolling across the coast along the water.

Low tide reveals tidal pools that shine like mirrors along the base of Haystack Rock. A closer look reveals an entire ecosystem of candy colored anemones, crabs, and starfish. Seagulls and Puffins roost atop the rocks, making it look in constant motion.

The town of Cannon Beach is a complete gem – charming, walkable, and untouched from commercial businesses. Flowers thrive in the cool ocean breeze and line the streets like a colorful brushstroke of blooms.

With a line of people spilling out along the sidewalk, Sleepy Monk Coffee Roasters appeared to be the place to get coffee among locals and tourists alike. One sip of the Druid Delight with homemade whipped cream and I was hooked, spending each morning in line for a cup became our blissful morning ritual. Late mornings were spent making our way to Pig ’n Pancake, where our biggest dilemma was choosing between a sweet or a savory breakfast. Why not both? 🙂

I knew that flying a kite was part of the itinerary the minute I laid eyes on the Kite Shop in downtown Cannon Beach. Filled with kites begging for a breeze and even a “Kite Hospital” this charismatic shop was made for an impulsive beach buy. The kite may have been $20 but finding out that my husband was a master kite flyer was priceless!

We treated ourselves to a fancy dinner an drinks at The Wayfarer Restaurant on our last night in Cannon Beach. We watched the sun sink into the sea as we sipped cocktails and ate chicken stuffed with Dungeoness Crab.

Sad to leave, we clung to the Oregon Coastline ambling along the Pacific Coast Highway 101, creating our own scenic route to Portland. Each mile marker was prettier than the last, turning our 30 minute jaunt to Manzanita Beach into an hour and a half tour of Rockaway Beach and Tillamook Bay. Walker proved to be the right man for me as he expertly navigated spots for me to hop out and take pictures each time I shouted “ohmyGod it’s so beautiful – PULL OVER!”

All it took was four days to fall in love with this place – we promised each other that we’ll make our way back. ❤

Next Up: Walker and I Eat Our Way Through Portland


2 thoughts on “Wedded Wanderlust: Honeymoon Part 1

  1. Such beautiful view, colorful, and very inviting. I am so glad you enjoyed the trip. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

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