Revitalizing Relics: Turning an Old Spring House into a Bohemian Hideaway

Earlier this week I posted pictures of rainbows that were discovered dancing around the walls of a newly renovated spring house. The 1000 square foot, 2-story spring house was built in the early 1800’s,  and even features a working fireplace! This magical relic has incited many musings. As a child I would peek through the windows at the dusty treasures that lined the walls and envisioned an enchanting playhouse.

Years later my mother has transformed this historic spring house full of potential, into a charming retreat full of vintage goods, treasured possessions, and rainbows that infuse the small space with color. My mother instilled in me a love of old things, to find the beauty in the antiquated. This notion is evident in all the details (large and small) that make the spring house special. Glass bottles and marbles are used to fill the small voids found in the old American Chestnut wood walls, a unique way to add some extra color and light. Area rugs of varying colors and sizes, and mismatched furniture add a bohemian ambiance. Words really can’t do this gorgeous space justice, check out the pictures below.




3 thoughts on “Revitalizing Relics: Turning an Old Spring House into a Bohemian Hideaway

  1. How cool! Would love to see it in person. I can remember when Carole and I and your Mom (on weekends) would play school in the spring house. Aunt Dixie would bring us box(es) of her unused dittoes; we were official!

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