New to the Nutmeg State: Décor Edition

The hardest part about moving in to a new home is finding a place for all your beloved things. I have a penchant for pretty things; books, teapots, peacock feathers, mushrooms, glass paperweights, art, old suitcases…these are a few of my favorite things. My old apartment in downtown Gettysburg easily housed all my eclectic entities within its 1,500 square feet. The original hardwood floors and gorgeous stained glass were an added bonus, and made it very difficult to say goodbye.

Before packing:

…And after:

As hard as it is to pack up all your belongings and leave the familiar behind, the excitement of a new state to explore and a new place to decorate quickly helps fade the melancholy. I’ve only unpacked half of the boxes that contain my treasures – but so far the new place is beginning to take shape (and starting to reflect my quirky personality).

Updates will soon follow when I finally get around to unpacking everything. But now I am packing for a weekend trip to Maryland to visit with family and friends…if I can get this cat off my lap.

Dinah the Distraction

Dinah the Distractor



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