New to the Nutmeg State: Foodie Edition

It’s been two weeks since I moved from rural Carroll County, Maryland to the New York metropolitan area of Norwalk, Connecticut. After the initial shock of aggressive drivers, ridiculously high gas prices, and the interstate 95 standstill wore off, I began to explore the area and have fallen in love. The food scene here is incredible, every night I’ve eaten at a different place and have yet to be disappointed. Back home the biggest culinary choice was deciding between Chipotle and Chubby’s BBQ, here any option is a winner.

As a huge farmers market fanatic, I was stoked to discover that there was a plethora of winter markets in the Fairfield County area. Last night I stopped by Sugar & Olives Farmers Market, which is held every Friday from 3-7PM. It’s here that my two favorite things come together: locally-produced goodies and cocktails. The selection was widespread and the drinks were delicious. I left with some milk, honey, a cookbook, and a good buzz.


The next morning I headed to Westport to check out the Westport Farmers Market, only a 10 minute drive from Norwalk. The indoor winter market was bustling with regulars trying samples and picking through the produce. By the time I made my rounds my arms were full of:

I know where I’ll be every Saturday afternoon.

After the food coma subsided, I drove around Westport and discovered what a cute area it was (I also discovered the Anthropologie, which is next to impossible to ignore). Curiosity (and a lack of directions) brought me to Sherwood Island State Park which looks out over the Long Island sound, it is ideal for long walks and searching for sea shells.

Next weekend’s adventure: Washington Depot, CT.


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