Field Trip for Grown Ups: Onion Rings & Art, Zebras & Sea Stars

This past weekend was perfect; filled with gorgeous weather, great food, a menagerie of animals, and the celebration of my boyfriend’s birthday (Happy Birthday Walker!).

First stop was yet another amazing restaurant I’d never heard of brought to my attention from Scout Mob – my go-to app for amazing deals on all things D.C. Located in the old Tivoli Theater in Columbia Heights, Z Burger brings the best of both worlds together; awesome food and old architecture. Art sweeps across the ceiling bringing the customers’ eyes upwards as they bite into their juicy burger.

It’s impossible not to revert back in to your childhood when you visit the zoo. Every time I saw an animal I channeled my inner-child and shouted, “LOOK a Zebra!!” (I have an affinity for zebras)

Then I saw the a pile of Otters playing together in the water and my heart melted. “OMG Otters! Look! Look at their little faces!”

You get the idea…I’m excitable. Here’s more of the menagerie:


What do you think?

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