Cheap Alcohol & Modern Art

Spring break’s got a bad rap – bringing to mind cheap alcohol, poor choices and awkward MTV VJs (remember when Pauly Shore was an MTV VJ in the early nineties? I wish I didn’t). In order to have a stellar spring break that didn’t involve Tylenol and therapy to nurse the hangover and guilt that normally accompanies this noted time of relaxation, I filled the time with travel, art and food…lots of it.

Charm City’s Inner Harbor is a beautiful place to visit (just watch out for the sewage smell that floats off the water and in to your nostrils) and is mainly filled with tourists who want to explore the place and homeless people that would rather leave it.

Inner Harbor

But tucked among all the tourist traps like the Hard Rock Café and Ripley’s Believe it or Not, is a gem of a museum, The American Visionary Art Museum.

Not only is this place visually overwhelming, it’s also one of Charm City’s best kept secrets – awarding visitors major hipster cred for stopping by!

Tomorrow I’ll be visiting Washington D.C. for the best pizza you’ve never heard of!


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