Making a Pilgrimage for Pasta

I recently drove two hours for macaroni and cheese. Now, in my defense, it is the best mac ‘n cheese in the Eastern time zone. I mean look at it:

Best Mac n' Cheese Eva March 2013

You can’t go wrong with bacon, french fried onions, and…do I detect a hint of onion powder?

The mecca of this mac is Blue Moon Cafe  located in historic Shepherdstown, West Virginia. Not only is their food worth the mileage on my poor Subaru, the decor makes me want to loiter in the cafe for hours after the meal is consumed



My favorite part of the decor at the Blue Moon Cafe is this painting, which I fell in love with at first sight:

Amazing Painting Blue Moon Cafe March 2013

 The owners politely declined my offer to buy the art work, so I made a promise to visit it as often as I could.

While on our pilgrimage to the mac ‘n cheese mecca, my best friend and I did our best to experience some of the “local flavor” that West Virginia had to offer:

                                   P1000054       P1000055Racist Flea Market

The Harper’s Ferry Flea Market, your one-stop shop for Beanie Babies, pepper spray, and racist memorabilia.


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